Right click! And a few other things.

April 10, 2014

By far the most-requested feature at this point has been to allow clicking with the right mouse button. Before Flash version 11.2 this only possible with Javascript "hacks", and it didn't work in all browsers. But since version 11.2 they made it very easy. So I added it to the game. Right click away!

I also made some other small improvements:
  • Reorganized the custom settings screen. This allowed me to add some settings that have been requested by some people but that 90% of you probably won't care about. See below.
  • You can now type in full screen. Apparently they've made this possible since Flash version 11.3.
  • Some minor bugfixes.
Here are the new settings:
  • rng_seed. If you want the targets to appear in the same positions every time, set this to something else than -1.
  • max_dist_from_previous. How far from the previous target the next target can spawn. Set to -1 for no restrictions.
  • absolute_target_speed. If set to "no", bigger targets move faster. If set to "yes", the speed of a target doesn't depend on its size.
  • target_fade_out_effect. If set to "off" the targets won't fade out when constant_target_size is set to "yes".
  • losing_life_animation. Set this to "off" if you find the big red or black circle that appears when you lose a life too distracting.
  • blood_effect. Set this to "off" if you don't like the disgustingly gory and over-the-top graphic violence that gives AimBooster its R rating.
  • show_target_ghosts. Don't like the white indications of where you clicked on the target? Set this to "no".
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