New world record: 3:42

August 10, 2014

It appears we have a new world record:

Congratulations Florent "CarryAD" Soler, making it look easy. Can anyone beat it?

PS: A world record attempt has to be recorded in video format for it to count. It's too easy to fake a screenshot or even just hack the game, and the game runs purely client-side so there is no verification I can do on the server-side.

In other news: more settings!

  • target_speed_randomness: At 0%, all targets move at the same speed. At 100%, targets can have any speed between 0 and 2x target_speed. At anything in between, say x%, targets get a random speed at most x% lower and at most x% higher than target_speed.
  • horizontal_speed: At 100%, targets move only horizontally. At 0%, targets move only vertically. At 50% (the default), targets can move in any direction.
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