What do all the settings do?

This page contains a list of all settings and an explanation of what each of them does.

What's the world record?

The current world record in the challenge mode is 10:09, set by Yamu on Jul 3, 2019. Here's the video:

List of past record holders:

CarryAD3:42Aug 3,
BLOCKerator4:18Sep 13,
Relaaa4:22Oct 20,
Tonny Amontee4:34Oct 29,
NeoNinja6:07Dec 22,
Primed Arinko6:21Jun 12,
Дмитрий Zzz7:14Jan 21,
Primed Arinko7:25Feb 25,
NeoNinja9:05Mar 1,
Ian Qu9:09Jul 24,
Yamu10:09Jul 3,

If you've broken this record, or you know someone who did, please let me know at But for the record to count, you must have a video of it. It's too easy to fake a screenshot or hack the game.

Why would I use AimBooster? Isn't it better to just play the game I want to be good at?

Obviously you can't become good at a game by only playing AimBooster. That said, playing AimBooster can have some advantages compared to only playing the game you want to be good at:

1. Focus on one thing

When musicians try to master a song, they don't play the entire song over and over. Instead, they pick a difficult part and practice only that part until they can play it perfectly, then move on. By doing that, they can identify the mistakes they make a lot and fix them, and improve much faster as a result.

You should do the same when learning to play a game. In a game, there's always a lot going on. You have to think about strategies, tactics, movement, builds, the minimap, etc. While you're playing, you're training all these things at the same time, but your attention is divided, so you improve much slower. When playing AimBooster, you can focus with your entire brain on one thing: improving your mouse control.

2. Play while your game is loading / finding a match / etc

AimBooster doesn't need to load. Ok maybe it does, but it takes like 1 second. You can easily squeeze in a bit of AimBooster while your game is loading up, finding a match, in pre-game lobby, etc.

3. Available anywhere anytime

All you need is a browser and an internet connection and you can start training. When the servers of your game of choice are down for maintenance, the AimBooster servers will most likely be up and running.

4. No minimum game time

Don't have time to play a full game? A training session takes exactly as long as you want. You can train for 2 minutes or 2 hours.

5. Test new mouse settings quickly

If you're playing on a different computer than usual, you might find it easier to use AimBooster instead of loading up a game when tweaking your mouse settings.

What's the best training mode?

This is entirely my personal opinion, but I find that the Autobalance training mode makes me learn the fastest.

If I had to suggest one single training mode for you to always use, it would depend on the type of game you want to be good at:

RTS Games:

Go fullscreen! Some things you could tweak if you want:

  • Set target_size to around the size of an in-game unit.
  • Disabling misclick_kills_nearest makes it so that misclicking is ignored and a target is only lost after it times out. I don't recommend this though, I think it creates bad habits.
  • If you want to, set target_speed to something low, like 3.

FPS Games:

More things to tweak:

Of course the best of all is to train with many different modes and with a wide variety of settings. You don't go to the gym and use only one machine.

I'm hesitant to edit the settings, I don't want to break the game.

Don't worry. I put a lot of effort into making sure you it's not easy to accidentally break the game (intentionally breaking it shouldn't be too hard, just put some settings to crazy values). But even if you break it, worst case scenario you just press F5 and the game is all back to normal.

Can I play AimBooster offline?

Yes! Just do this:

  1. Download (right click, save as).
  2. Open the downloaded swf file in a browser (drag and drop should work).

That should work.

How can I share a custom gamemode with others?

Just copy-paste the entire textbox with settings somewhere, like Pastebin, and your friends will be able to copy-paste the settings into their game.

It's much easier now. Just copy-paste the link that's automatically generated when you edit a custom gamemode.

I found a bug!

Ouch, I'm not a very good programmer am I? I would very much appreciate it if you would post a bug report on this page or mail it to

If the bug only happens sometimes, then it will be very hard to fix. If that's the case, any information about your browser, operating system, Flash version, what exactly you did to cause the bug, etc would be great. Best of all is if you could find a way to reliably reproduce the bug.

I have a suggestion / request!

Great! You can post all your suggestions and requests on this page or mail them to I'm always looking forward to any ways to make AimBooster better.

My question isn't answered here!

Post your question in the comment section below and I (or someone else) will try to answer it.
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