This page contains a list of all the settings you can configure when creating a custom gamemode (in Training > Custom). Don't be afraid of breaking the game, worst case scenario you just press F5 and everything's back to normal. So get out there and make the weirdest gamemode imaginable.


  1. Target Behaviour
  2. Spawning
  3. Lives
  4. Grid
  5. Autobalance
  6. Gimmicks
  7. Small details


The diameter of the targets (in pixels) at their biggest point.
The amount of time you have to click on each target before it disappears. If you don't click it in the given time and miss_target_loses_life is set to yes, you will lose a life. If time_per_target is 0, targets will never disappear until you click on them.
If set to 0, targets will stay still. If set to something bigger than zero, targets will move around at a speed of about this many times their diameter per second.
If set to no, targets will grow to the maximum size and then shrink and disappear. If set to yes, targets will stay at the maximum size for their entire duration.
If you misclick, the nearest target will die anyway. How nice of it. But it will count as a missed target. Less nice. Don't miss your targets kids.
Number of targets per second. If set to 0, only one target will ever spawn. That should of course only be done when targets_dont_die is set to yes and time_per_target is 0 or very high.
If set to something bigger than 0, the number of targets per second (targets_per_sec) will steadily increase. After one minute it will have increased by the set amount.
If set to yes, when you click a target a new target will instantly appear elsewhere. There will be exactly spawn_group_size targets active at any time.
This amount of targets will spawn at a time.
If set to yes, targets will spawn in the center.
If set to yes, targets will not spawn at regular intervals, but will instead spawn somewhat randomly.
The maximum distance from the previous target that a new target can spawn. Set to -1 for no restrictions.
The number of lives you have. The game ends after you lose all your lives. Set this to 0 to have infinite lives.
If set to yes, you will lose a life every time you click somewhere that isn't on a target.
If set to yes, you will lose a life every time you don't click on a target in time.
If you set this to yes, then every time you lose a life all the targets on the screen will disappear.
If set to something other than 0, the game will last this amount of seconds.
The width of the field that targets can spawn in. Ignored if grid_autoresize is enabled. If you set this to 0, it will act as if grid_autoresize is enabled.
The height of the field that targets can spawn in. Ignored if grid_autoresize is enabled. If you set this to 0, it will act as if grid_autoresize is enabled.
Automatically resize the grid so that it takes the most possible space. Useful if you go fullscreen. But don't use this setting anymore, just set the width and height to 0, it's easier.
If you set it to something other than nothing, the game will balance the given setting for you. There are 3 possible settings to balance:If you hit a target, the game becomes slightly harder, and if you lose a life, the game becomes slightly easier. The amount the setting increases/decreases are chosen in such a way that you will have an accuracy of around autobalance_accuracy percent.
I don't need no cursor.
Tired of clicking? Set this to yes.
You can click targets all you want, they won't go away. Well not any sooner than if you didn't click them. If you enable this, it's best to set miss_target_loses_life to no. Or you will die.

Note: This setting has been replaced by target_hp.
The number of hit-points each target has, in other words how many times you have to click a target before it goes away. Set it to -1 to give targets infinite life, which behaves the same as enabling targets_dont_die used to do.
If set to no, targets will never overlap.
Every time you click a target, it shows how long it took you to click that target.
If set to "off" the targets won't fade out when constant_target_size is set to "yes".
Set this to "off" if you find the big red or black circle that appears when you lose a life too distracting.
Set this to "off" if you don't like the disgustingly gory and over-the-top graphic violence that gives AimBooster its R rating.
Don't like the white indications of where you clicked on the target? Set this to "no".
If set to "no", bigger targets move faster. If set to "yes", the speed of a target doesn't depend on its size.
Whenever a new target spawns, it will have a speed at most target_speed_randomness% lower and at most target_speed_randomness% higher than target_speed. So if you set this to 0%, all targets have the same speed. At 100%, the new target's speed can be anywhere from 0 to 2x target_speed.
The higher, the more targets move horizontally. The lower, the more targets move vertically. By default, horizontal_speed is 50% and targets can move in any direction. At 100%, targets move only left and right. At 0%, targets move only up and down. Anything in between is also possible, of course.
If you want the targets to appear in the same positions every time, set this to something else than -1.