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The HTML5/Javascript version is here!

December 31, 2020

It took a lot of work, but it's finally here: the HTML5/Javascript rewrite of AimBooster!

There are probably still some bugs, because I'm just working on this by myself, in my spare time. Please let me know of any bugs that you encounter in the comments. If something is completely broken, you can still play the previous version at If you still have a working Flash player in 2021 at least.

While rewriting, I did make a few improvements here and there. AimBooster now has:

  • A new challenge, that starts slightly easier but ramps up faster.
  • Replays
  • More stats
  • More graphs

Storing the replays and stats might increase the server costs. We'll see.

Anyway, have fun with it. And best wishes for 2021!

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The end of Flash

December 14, 2020

As many of you know, the Flash player will stop being updated on December 31. I'm writing this post to let you know that I'm working on a port of the game to Javascript/HTML5. Since I currently have a full-time job, I have to do this in my free time, so it might not be perfect and have all the same features, but I'll try to make as many of the features work as possible.

In other news, Yamu beat the record several times, getting a time of 9:27, 9:44, and finally 10:09:

When I release the new update, I might change it so that the difficulty increases faster after 1-2 minutes, because 10 minutes sounds too long to me. What do you guys think of this?

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A few more seconds

September 16, 2018

The previous record of 9:05 has been broken, by only a few seconds this time. Ian Qu takes the record with a time of 9:09:

Getting ever closer and closer to that magical 10 minutes...

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Back and forth

June 3, 2018

The record went back and forth between two previous record holders. First, Primed Arinko took back the record, setting a time of 7:25, and then a few days later NeoNinja shattered that record by nearly 2 full minutes, setting a time of 9:05.

Who will be the first to beat 10 minutes?

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More world records

January 26, 2018

Another year later, and the world record has been broken again a couple of times. First was 6:21 by Primed Arinko, and now 7:14 by Дмитрий Zzz (I think you pronounce this "Dmitry"):

Congrats to both of you!

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Another world record

December 23, 2016

It's been more than 2 years since my last post on this site, development has unfortunately been put on hold for now, but I felt like I had to post this. Look at this ridiculous new world record by NeoNinja:

When I made this challenge I did not anticipate that people would last this long!

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Harder better faster stronger

October 31, 2014

Last time the record was broken by only 3 seconds, so I thought we were getting closer to the limits of what humans can achieve. Well I was wrong, here's another 12 seconds by Tonny Amontee, for a total time of 4:34.

Just look at the speed and accuracy during the last 30 seconds, holy shit!

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Another month, another world record!

October 22, 2014

It seems like we're setting about one new word record per month. This time it was Damien "Relaaa" Rudaz who managed to add 3 seconds to the previous record, getting an amazing time of 4:22. The really cool thing is he didn't only upload a video of the gameplay, but also a hand-cam video. Check it out:


Hand cam

Also, I'll start working on AimBooster again soon. Completely coincidentally, during this month, my total number of donations went up by 300%! Big thanks to everyone who donated! All 3 of you! ;)

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4:18 and counting

September 23, 2014

Less than 2 months after the previous record was set, John "BLOCKerator" Igrun crushes it, with a time of 4:18!

Apparently the key to being really good at AimBooster is a bright green background and an eccentric taste in music ;)

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New world record: 3:42

August 10, 2014

It appears we have a new world record:

Congratulations Florent "CarryAD" Soler, making it look easy. Can anyone beat it?

PS: A world record attempt has to be recorded in video format for it to count. It's too easy to fake a screenshot or even just hack the game, and the game runs purely client-side so there is no verification I can do on the server-side.

In other news: more settings!

  • target_speed_randomness: At 0%, all targets move at the same speed. At 100%, targets can have any speed between 0 and 2x target_speed. At anything in between, say x%, targets get a random speed at most x% lower and at most x% higher than target_speed.
  • horizontal_speed: At 100%, targets move only horizontally. At 0%, targets move only vertically. At 50% (the default), targets can move in any direction.

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Doubleclick, and new autobalance options

August 5, 2014

One of the settings, targets_dont_die has been replaced by a new setting called target_hp. The default setting for target_hp is 1, where you have to click once to kill a target. Setting it to -1 makes targets invulnerable, the same as what targets_dont_die used to do. But you can also set it to 2 (or higher) so that you have to doubleclick (or tripleclick etc) targets before they die.

A couple of bugs have also been fixed. Thanks Vyacheslav Kosachenko for finding them.

And last but not least, new autobalance options!

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Custom graphics

August 2, 2014

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You may have noticed a new gear button in the top-right corner of most menus, next to the sound and full-screen buttons. Click on that to change all kinds of settings that have no direct effect on gameplay, such as the colors of the targets and background, the sound volume, etc. Because these settings have no effect on gameplay, they apply to all gamemodes, including the challenge.

Here are a few example targets for inspiration:

Any suggestions for more settings to put there are always welcome.

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Right click! And a few other things.

April 10, 2014

By far the most-requested feature at this point has been to allow clicking with the right mouse button. Before Flash version 11.2 this only possible with Javascript "hacks", and it didn't work in all browsers. But since version 11.2 they made it very easy. So I added it to the game. Right click away!

I also made some other small improvements:
  • Reorganized the custom settings screen. This allowed me to add some settings that have been requested by some people but that 90% of you probably won't care about. See below.
  • You can now type in full screen. Apparently they've made this possible since Flash version 11.3.
  • Some minor bugfixes.
Here are the new settings:
  • rng_seed. If you want the targets to appear in the same positions every time, set this to something else than -1.
  • max_dist_from_previous. How far from the previous target the next target can spawn. Set to -1 for no restrictions.
  • absolute_target_speed. If set to "no", bigger targets move faster. If set to "yes", the speed of a target doesn't depend on its size.
  • target_fade_out_effect. If set to "off" the targets won't fade out when constant_target_size is set to "yes".
  • losing_life_animation. Set this to "off" if you find the big red or black circle that appears when you lose a life too distracting.
  • blood_effect. Set this to "off" if you don't like the disgustingly gory and over-the-top graphic violence that gives AimBooster its R rating.
  • show_target_ghosts. Don't like the white indications of where you clicked on the target? Set this to "no".

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Sharing custom settings

December 7, 2013

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Previously, if you made a custom gamemode with custom settings, and you wanted to share those settings between friends or simply between different computers, you had to copy-paste the entire settings file. That's about 30 lines of text, so you had to use PasteBin or email or something like that.

Now I changed it so you can just share a simple and short URL which is automatically generated every time you edit settings.

To celebrate, here's some fireworks:

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Offline play

December 5, 2013

Being able to play AimBooster offline has been a surprisingly often-requested feature. Well, after reading about and messing with Flash security sandboxes for a while, I think I finally made it possible. Turns out I only needed to change 1 line of code.

Anyway here's how you play AimBooster offline:
  1. Download (right click, save as).
  2. Open the downloaded swf file in a browser (drag and drop should work).
That's it.

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Small update

November 23, 2013

Small update with some of the features people have been requesting:
  • Auto-pause: The game now automatically pauses after it loses focus for 1.5 seconds. Loading screens and champion selects popping up shouldn't automatically be game-over anymore.
  • Saving settings: If you change some settings in a training mode, it will remember those settings so you don't have to enter them again every time. I also added a "reset" for if you want to go back to the default settings.
  • Autobalance: I've tweaked the autobalance mode a bit, and I've changed the "retry" button to a "continue" button in the post-game screen so you don't have to start again from 0 after stopping.
If this update caused any bugs or other problems, let me know.

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StarCraft survey

November 16, 2013

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Somebody on the StarCraft subreddit has done a survey about "the mouse control and typing speed of StarCraft 2 players", which included AimBooster, and he/she posted his results here a few hours ago. It included this chart:

So, on average, people with better mouse control are more often in the highest leagues? Who'da thunk it?

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New setting: losing_life_clears_screen

October 21, 2013

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I added a new setting: losing_life_clears_screen. When you set it to "yes", every time you lose a life (like when you misclick in the autobalance mode or letting a target through in the challenge) it clears every target on screen.

I added it because I felt that sometimes in autobalance you could be doing well and be hitting all your targets and get the difficulty so high that when you start missing, you lose 3 or 4 lives at once. Then the difficulty plummets down again.

So far I like it, but should I enable it by default in some gamemodes? In autobalanced? Perhaps even in the challenge? I'm not sure...

Right now you can only activate it in the custom gamemode.

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Massive update!

October 19, 2013

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I had some free time this summer and reworked basically the entire game. Here are some of the major changes:
  • A new training menu with 9 training modes (3 of them completely new).
  • A new challenge. The difficulty has changed, but you now have 3 lives.
  • More stats and graphs in the post-game screen.
  • A bunch of new settings.
  • No ads anymore!
The biggest change was the addition of the "Autobalance" training mode. It changes the difficulty of the game to match your skill level, so you can always train at a difficulty that's optimal for you. You can find it under Training > Autobalance.

I also added this blog, a FAQ page to answer all your (frequently asked) questions, and a donations page for if you want to help me keep making AimBooster better.


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Test post

October 18, 2013

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Please ignore

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